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A sprain can occur at any time, usually by twisting body part the wrong way, such as an ankle or a wrist. Sprains can be painful and the treatment of sprain is often debated - "What is the best way to treat a sprain?" "Should I treat my sprain at all or let it heal naturally?"

To understand treatment of sprain, it is helpful to understand exactly why the sprain is painful to begin with. Sprain pain and swelling is caused from a build up of blood and fluids, which inhibits proper circulation and blood flow. Therefore, logic would dictate that the treatment of sprain requires restoring proper blood flow and circulation to the affected area.

As long as man has been tripping over his own two feet he has been dealing with painful sprains. In fact, for centuries, Chinese warriors and Shaolin fighting monks have used specialized herbal formulas to treat battlefield injuries, such as sprains, so they could return to combat as quickly as possible. Most commonly, the herbal formulas are used directly on the injury to increase blood flow and circulation, thus reducing swelling and lessening pain. These herbal remedies also help to break up accumulation of fluids and help tissues regenerate, both of which provide quicker recovery time and overall relief. Additionally, it has been shown that, when made properly, herbal remedies can provide quicker relief than their more medicinal counterparts.

Although these herbal formulas, often referred to as "liniments" are not commonly used in the United States, other countries have been using them for centuries for treatment of sprain and other ailments. These liniments are said to have amazing benefits of rapid and restorative healing.

It has been shown that, as a whole, herbal remedies are safer and have less of a negative effect on the body over time. If you are interested in herbal formulas, which are safe and have been man tested for centuries, then visit Sinew Therapeutics on the web at While visiting Sinew Therapeutics, be sure to check out other time tested herbal remedies for pain and other conditions!

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